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Homii connects homeowners to reliable contractors! Fill out as much information as possible about your home improvement project and let us do the rest. We offer homeowners the ability to choose who they want to complete a job, based on previous ratings, testimonials, before/after images, cost, etc. Our unique algorithm will instantly connect you to local contractors specialising in the type of work you need done.

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Don’t waste time getting jobs the ‘old-fashioned’ way. Don’t spend thousands of dollars a year on paper ads, or door-to-door sales. Don’t spend any more time searching for new business on your own. Come to Homii, and let us grow your business and online reputation for you!

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Looking to earn some extra cash? Homii.ca pays for every contractor successfully referred to our site. It’s simple. Login, and share your Referral Link, anywhere any everywhere. Maybe you already know a contractor? Social media? Maybe your friends or family share your link? It doesn’t matter how a Contractor signs up – if it’s through YOUR Referral Link, then you get paid. What are you waiting for? Sign up FREE today and start building your house of cash!

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